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How Personal Care Services of Detroit Contributes to Independence in

Independence is a struggle for some older people. It’s one thing to split duties between spouses or occasionally ask help from family members. It’s another, more delicate issue when you can no longer perform simple daily activities — especially when you’re used to handling everything yourself.

As people grow older, it becomes more difficult to battle the onset of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. It also becomes more difficult to perform simple daily activities, like preparing meals, running errands, and doing basic household tasks. Invest in elderly personal care when cognitive decline or impaired physical mobility starts to hinder everyday living. Our Michigan team assists with activities of daily living and other self-care tasks.

How We Can Help

Our caregivers help you or your loved one maintain your independence by providing sensitive personal care services. We take a respectful approach to basic self-care tasks including bathing, dressing, feeding, continence, toileting, and transferring from one place to another.

We also assist with the following daily activities:

Personal care is a suitable choice when you are or your loved one is not keen on moving to a retirement community or an assisted living facility. It gives you or your older relative the chance to stay at home as you grow older. This provides comfort when cognitive decline, impaired mobility, or other signs of aging start surfacing.

Services | Personal Care, Home Care Detroit MI
Services | Personal Care, Home Care Detroit MI

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Home Care Detroit Michigan trains local caregivers to provide compassionate medical home care. With a smile on our faces and a genuine desire to make your life easier, we readily provide specialized personal care for older people in Detroit Michigan.

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